Inspired by a dramatic vogue dance move from the underground Harlem ballroom scene, Shablam is an attitude of being one with your inner Diva.

Whether on the dance floor, striking a pose, rebelling against society or breaking beauty industry rules, the Shablam girl is true to herself and ready to unleash her inner bitch when something gets in her way.

Nerd, pop star, house dancer, mom – whatever my role in life, makeup has the magical ability to transform me into whatever I want to be. A passionate believer in the power of cosmetics, it is my mission to bring to you only diva-worthy products with statement-making colors, dope ass formulas and fresh packaging designs in a space where high street fashion meets playful subculture fantasy.

Here in the house of Shablam, my wizards n’ witches are devoted to brewing makeup concoctions so potent that they transform not only the way you look, but the way you feel!

The Sorceress

Shablam is based in Los Angeles. All products are made in the USA and cruelty-free.